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The President of the UCAS is the head of state of the United Canadian and American States, as well as the chief executive of the federal government and the commander-in-chief of the armed forces.

The office is based on the President of the United States. The Presidential Election is held every four years on the Tuesday following the first Monday of November. The President is sworn into office on Inauguration Day, the following January 20. If January 20 falls on a Sunday, then the inauguration is held on January 21. However, the UCAS Constitution replaced the Electoral College by a direct election by popular votes. The system provides for no run-off voting, and so the winner only need receive the most votes of the individual candidates, not a majority of all votes cast. Some historians refer to UCAS President's Order numbered for both UCAS and US. For instance, President Alan Adams was the fourth President of the UCAS and fiftieth President of the US.

Like the President of the United States, The President's official residence and workplace is the White House in Washington, FDC. Camp David in Maryland is the official weekend and vacation residence (although it is sometimes used for less formal meetings with foreign personalities, and many presidents prefer their private houses for real vacation).

List of UCAS Presidents[]

# Term President Party Notes Vice President VP Party
1 2030–2033 Andrew McAlister ? Was US President, provisional UCAS Harold Frazier ?
2033–2037 First combined UCAS election
2 2037–2041 Martin Vincenzo Technocrat First coalition ticket of a President from one party and Vice President of another Vernon Washington Republican
3 2041–2045 Carl Preston ? ? ?
4 2049–2053 Alan Adams Democrat Thomas Steele Technocrat
2053 Died of a stroke the day after his second inauguration
5 2053–2057 Thomas Steele Technocrat 2056 election invalidated due to fraud. He and Booth were impeached and removed from office. James Booth Technocrat
6 2057 Betty Jo Pritchard Republican Became President under the order of presidential succession following the removal of Steele and Booth.
7 2057 Dunkelzahn independent assassinated on the night of his inauguration Kyle Haeffner independent
8 2057–2061 Kyle Haeffner independent Daviar nominated and confirmed by Congress to fill the Vice President vacancy after he becomes President. Nadja Daviar independent
2061–2064 Haeffner/Daviar elected in 2060. Haeffner is assassinated on November 3, 2064. Daviar disappears
9 2064–2065 Gene Simone ? Senate President Pro Tempore. Becomes President in November 2064 under the order of presidential succession. ? ?
10 2065–2069 Gene Simone ? Called a "corporate stooge" by FastJack ? ?
11 2069–2073 Angela Colloton Republican Michaela Martin Republican

McAlister was elected President of the United States of America in 2028, and became the first President of the combined UCAS on its formation in 2030. The Prime Minister of Canada (Harold Frazier) became the new Vice President.

List of US Presidents[]

# Term President Vice President
42 1993–1997 Jeffrey Lynch ?
43 2001–2005 Martin Hunt ?
44 2005–2009 Philip Bester ?
45 2009–2013 Jesse Garrety William Jarman
46 2016–2021 William Jarman ?
47 2029–2030 Andrew McAlister ?

Jarman's first term, was 100 days longer than normal as he replaced Garrety early after the latter was assassinated on 12 December 2016. Term limits were repealed by the 29th Amendment during Jarman's second term.

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