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The Princes of the Blood are a go-gang based in the Washington, FDC sprawl.

Membership: 100+[1]

The Princes of the Blood are an elven gang. It's stronghold is in Montgomery but they have hideouts throughout the sprawl. The gang controls a few thrill gangs made up of rich-kids, elf wannabes. It's main source of revenue is the distribution of illegal drugs and BTLs, of which it supplies approximately 15% of the DeeCee market. The gang also runs protection rackets and is involved in prostitution, either directly by managing the prostitutes themselves or by taxing the pimps.[2]

In Seattle, there is a chapter of the gang which was established to protect their elven commmunity.[3] Members are proficient street fighters who are trained hard by the gang and fiercely defend their territory. The gang doesn't leave their turf often.[4]