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The Project Omen (fr. Projet Présage) is a conspiracy led by the nobility of France from the early 2020s to the late 2030s.[1] The conspiration regrouped and used a large number of Seers (magic user with divination power or magic) to help them secure their grip on French Republic. Most of the Seers they used were executed, to cover the conspiracy's tracks in the late 2030's.[2]

However, a few were secretly jailed, and forgotten, into a an automated prison in the SOX. They were freed by the french military, helped by some runners, in 2071. While the attack of a corporation site, by the french army, triggered an outcry of the corporate court, it also reveals to the population the Project Omen existence.

Yohann Kervelec, advisory to Aurélie de Paladines and then Président (2068)[3] is rumored to have been part of the original group of seer, which would explains the other rumors connecting the Seer's Guild with the Project Omen.


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