Queen Michelle Chou is the sovereign of the Kingdom of Shaanxi.

Queen Michelle Chou who is half-Chinese and half-British has considerable influence in Shaanxi. Michelle studied law in Oxford and became a successful barrister. From Britain she channeled support to the rebels, helping them overthrow the military dictatorship and then seize control of Shaanxi. Afterward she helped them draft a constitution modeled on the parliamentary systems of Europe. In gratitude they then crowned her queen of Shaanxi (or so the official story goes). To get the people to support her regime, the queen has sponsored many cultural heritage projects honoring the ancient Kingdom of Xixia. This has given the people of Shaanxi a sense of identity as well as pride. She married Fanqua Tsen who is now the Royal Consort and bore him a son, Jingqi Chou-Tsen.[1]

In 2068, tragedy struck her household as her son Prince Jingqi was killed in an assassination attempt against her. The plot was orchestrated by her resentful prime minister (a stooge of the Japanacorps) who was executed. In the following year she gave birth to another son, Bao-Zhi. Working with Parliament, she is securing the throne for Bao-Zhi to make him the legal successor to the throne.[2]


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