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The Quints of the Wu Family

The Quints are five sisters (quintuplets) from Wuxing.

The Quints are the quintuplets who were born to Sharon Chiang-Wu in 2061 after she was bequeathed the "The Second Coin of Luck" by Dunkelzahn's Will. They were named after the elements; Fo, Moak, Shui, Gum, and Tou. Among the girls; Moak is the negotiator, Gum is the genius, Fo has a talent for plants, Shui is the social one, and Tou is the silent one.[1]

Despite the best efforts of Sharon, they grew up to become celebrities, not just in Hong Kong but worldwide. By the time they were in their late teens they had become among the most heavily guarded of all corporate celebrities. Wuxing protects them by using false schedules, multiple body doubles, and shadowrunners. The girls are known to having regular meetings with Fu Peng and have a good relationship with both parents. It is rumored one of them is a magician and another one is a technomancer.[2]

The Quints just started attending university, each of which is attending a different institution of higher learning. The girls have established their own fashion line, the Quint-Essentials. In Asia, they are the top celebrity family.[3]


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