Founded in 1956, the Royal Moroccan Armed Forces (RMAF) is a well-trained fighting force known for their expertise in desert warfare, combined-arms tactics, and counter insurgency tactics during the later twentieth century [1]. While considered to be a capable military force, it is also plagued with corruption, favoritism, apathy, and in some cases gross incompetence. An upgrade plan of the army, started in May 2077, led by General Salamah Berrada also aimed at restoring the reliability of the force. This endeavor will be help by Ares.

The army consists of approximately 90,000 active troops plus another 140,000 reservists. In case of emergencies, the Ministry of Defense can draft an an extra 50,000 from both the Royal Gendarmerie (20,000) and Auxiliary Forces (30,000) as reinforcements

One of the most critical task of the RMAF is to ensure the Gibraltar Defense Cordon.

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