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Razor Head

The Razor Heads is a gang based in the Seattle sprawl.

Membership: 75-100

The gang is against the use of guns, seeing them as dishonorable. Members will use only bladed weaponry. It's open to any race or metatype, and the gang members have their heads shaved and tattooed. Most of them are cybered, and sport either arm or hand razors. All of them carry at least one type of blade openly, and some carry several. Blades such as katanas, fencing foils, a broadsword, daggers, a hunting knife, etc.

Whenever possible the gang will perform acts of sabotage against those who sell ranged weaponry and the manufacturers of such weaponry. They will also execute strikes on the gun warehouses owned by the Mafia and Yakuza. Razor Heads make money by rolling military personnel who come into Seattle's "Night Life" area, working for the syndicates and major gangs as enforcers in their protection rackets, and occasionally working as assassins.[1]


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