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List of requests for background information on Shadowrun topics in various online communities.

date topic relevant articles link
2018-04-13 Geneva Geneva reddit
2018-04-07 Sixth World Tarot Sixth World Tarot reddit
2018-04-07 Urban Brawl Urban Brawl reddit
2018-04-05 HMHVV infection HMHVV reddit
2018-04-05 Eastern European geography reddit
2018-04-05 migration Migration in the Sixth World reddit
2018-03-31 experience of astral space Astral space reddit
2018-03-29 CFD Cognitive Fragmentation Disorder reddit
2018-03-27 Hawai'ian magic Hawai'i reddit
2018-03-27 Veil Veil reddit
2018-03-27 bug spirit danger Insect spirit, Insect totem reddit
2018-03-21 corporate retaliation reddit
2018-03-21 UCAS special forces Special forces reddit
2018-03-11 Baltimore Baltimore reddit