Red Lotus (Iryna Izviekova,
Red Lotus Triad (customized map from ShadowHelix)

Red Lotus Triad (Lodges)

Red Lotus is a Triad based in the Republic of China.

The Red Lotus is a mainland Triad with at least one branch across the Pacific Ocean. The branch in Vancouver answers to the elder lodge back in the Republic of China.[1] Another branch is in Hong Kong with a presence in at least two of its districts, Wan Chai (old Hong Kong) and the Triad-heavy Yau Tsim Mong.[2][3]

The Red Lotus Triad is considered one of the major, if not the dominant power in the city's criminal world. It works for the eastern dragon Chiao, who is likely its leader. The Red Lotus controls the warehouses and docking services in the ports and gets a cut of almost everything going through Vancouver. It is also involved in drug smuggling and protection rackets (for smugglers).[4]

The Red Lotus is one of Vancouver's most notorious criminal outfits, "younger brother" to a powerful Triad in the Republic of China. It dominates the heroin trade in the city and its infamous for overkill when it comes to its retaliation. When they strike, blood flows like water as bullets fall like hail. The Triad is always looking for new recruits among the illegals in the city and will recruits not only Chinese but other ethnic groups (e.g. Caucasians) and has within its ranks metahumans including (Wu) a troll shaman who serves the eastern dragon Chiao himself.[5]

The Red Lotus also have a partnership with the pharmaceutical manufacturing corporation, Kyuusei Medical. Which supplies them with "old-fashioned" drugs like heroin, novacoke, bliss, and marijuana which its facilities produce. All of them legal in the Salish but illegal elsewhere.[6]


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