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The Red Samurai, colloquially called Reds [1], are the most feared of Renraku's elite security forces. They are listed as on par with the Tir Ghosts and other elite military units in the Sixth World. They are known for their fanaticism for the Renraku megacorporation and their advanced combat military armor which resembles ancient samurai armor.

The Red Samurai are often organized in groups of 5, with at least one spellcaster. They possess an unusually strong teamwork bond, as most squads train together over a period of one and a half years at the Forge (in Japanese, kaeteru). The squad assignments persist after graduation, and the squad becomes like a close-knit family.

The Red Samurai have a thorough genetic and racial screening process, which excludes non-humans (or relatives of non-humans). The vast majority of Red Samurai are Japanese, and most Red Samurai are male soldiers. They believe that their rigorous racial purity standards bring them strength, and thus are frequently overconfident when facing non-human metahumans. An exception seems to exist with expatriate Tir elves, especially those who are mages.

The Red Samurai are woefully behind in covert ops and espionage compared to other elite military and corporate units, due to their racial homogeneity. Most Renraku covert and espionage operations are assigned to the Red Ninja or contracted out to shadowrunners. The Red Samurai excel in situations where stealth or subterfuge is not a factor.


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