The Resonance Realms are a deep and endless part of the Matrix formed from Resonance. It is home to sprites and paragons. The Resonance Realms share similar properties to that of a UV Host, often making hacking difficult and feeling as real (or more real) than reality.

What the Resonance Realms are and how they exist are highly debated. Some believe that the Resonance Realms are a mental construct of Technomancers, only existing as long as a person can perceive their existence, and gone as soon as a person leaves it. Others believe that the Resonance Realms are a deep Metaplane which Technomancers are able to tap into, though this theory is often dismissed by academics.

Submerging into the Realms Edit

To enter the Resonance Realms is quite difficult. For anyone, it requires dealing with a free sprite; who's wants, desires, and motivations can often be very alien from a Metahuman, or finding a Resonance Rift; which are more often stumbled upon than found and can vanish just as quickly as they appear. A Technomancer after visiting the Resonance Realms is able to more easily pass the Event Horizon, a kind of Matrix barrier that separates the Matrix from the Resonance Realms.

Notable LocationsEdit

The Crooked House Edit

The Crooked House appears to be a single room house on a highway. However once inside it appears to contain numerous rooms and hallways and no discernable exit. Rooms and hallways may loop back on each other, where it's possible to view one's self down a hallway that they're currently in.

The Endless ArchiveEdit

The Endless Archive appears to look like an endless library with countless rows of books, containing all data that has ever existed on computational devices, possibly predating the internet. The data is completely unorganized making it very difficult to impossible to find exact data. There are some sprites that attempt to organize the data in a seemingly random or illogical fashion, and may be willing to help locate specific data in exchange for some data that has never been on the Matrix before.

The Shattered HavenEdit

The Shattered Haven was once a large city that floated over an ocean of data. It acted as refuge for Otaku that sought to escape the wilds of the Resonance Realms. However, it had become a warzone between Resonance Sprites and Dissonance Sprites. In the end, the Dissonance Sprites won and covered the city in black oily malignant code turning it into a twisted parody of it's once former glory.

New Haven Edit

New Haven is the new city founded by the Sprites that abandoned the Shattered Haven. It's located in a harsh desert and requires several days travel to locate the oasis inside a deep chasm. The sprites here are specialized in combating dissonance sprites. While it is much smaller than old Haven, it's growing. Agents of the dissonance maybe willing to trade for information about New Haven.

The Great ConnectionEdit

The Great Connection is a large tree that floats in a large lake of data. Its branches represent all the connections in the Matrix and its leaves represent every device on the Matrix. From the Great Connection it is possible to travel to any node in the Matrix no matter how secure.


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