Rex is a long-time prince of Tir Tairngire and the was the only Sasquatch on the council. He was immensely popular with Tir subjects (even having his own plush toy), but showed little interest in or understanding of politics. Indeed as a Sasquatch he could neither speak nor understand human language (presumably he did know sign language). He also did not consider his name to be "Rex" although he understood that the word referred to him. His real name was unpronounceable by metahumans and took the form of a 20 second song.

Throughout the reign of theHigh Prince Rex stayed aloof from politics and seems to have had the wiles to avoid being made into a pawn. While not on the council he spent time in his forested home.

After the revolution, Rex went from being a cute figure-head to be being an active policy-making prince, although there are rumors he is working for Larry Zincan. He has had secret meetings with Zincan who may be grooming him for the position of High Prince.

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