Ricdom is the street name - or at least a short form of the street name of a troll bouncer. His self chosen name in full length is: "Ric the Doomfist of doom".

He was born as a troll also his parents - immigrants from Corsica and Hellas - both were orks. He joined the Bigio Family of the Mafia at the age of 14. The Mob accepted him, because a 2 m 68 tall troll is every time useful for any crime outfit. Also his mother sometimes jobbed in the kitchen of Maurice "The Butcher" Bigio's home, while his father was a controller in a mafia-controlled warehouse in Auburn.

In 2071 he works as an enforcer / brute / professional leg-breaker for the Gianelli Family of the Seattle Mob. If not bullying people who mocked the Family, he likes eating really large amounts of pizza, drinking cheap, Italian wine and real grappa (not that grappa-flavoured synthahol!) and listening to traditional Italian operas, especially those of Verdi or Puccini.

He's wearing a black synthleather duster and his weapons of choice are his fists, a pair of hard-liner gloves and - if this isn't enough - a lead-loaded club. He also owns one of the few of the HK Urban Assassins that remain still on the streets, and which was modified to fit for his troll fingers by a mafia gunsmith.

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