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Richard Villiers is a Boston-born businessman and one of world's biggest fortune (possibly the second or third richest man in the world, and the richest in the UCAS). He is described as being in his mid-fifties, a man at the height of his powers. He has black hair and his skin has an olive cast. The only obvious cyberware he sports is a datajack, and he reportedly has a photographic memory. He is a charismatic showman and salesman, and a master strategist, knowing exactly when to spring things on people.

Starting his career as a cost-killer who bought and resold companies after restructuring them, he merged the local Bostonian company Matrix Systems that he owned and its cyberdeck technology with Japanese giant Fuchi Industrial Electronics in 2034, and oversaw the takeover of JRJ International by Fuchi in 2038, making the Japanese megacorporation a AAA and the leader of the emerging Matrix industry. The feats made him the President/CEO of Fuchi, the head of Fuchi Americas division and the owner of a third of Fuchi capital for 25 years. In the late 2050s, he organized the divestment and refinancing of Fuchi Americas transferring assets to other parts of his financial empire. In October 2059, he merged them, including JRJ International, as Novatech in which he possess a 65% stake. He left Fuchi management to head Novatech, still occupying the seats of President, CEO and Chairman of the Board.

Since the Corp War, his machinations were dubbed the "Villiers Maneuver", whereby someone seemingly sabotages his own work only to reveal something stronger and better in its place.

Richard Villiers has two younger brothers, Martin, another businessman, and Darren, who holds an executive position within Novatech and a 1% stake. Richard's ex-wife Samantha Villiers still goes by the name of her former husband and fills the position of Executive Vice-President of Novatech Seattle (effectively managing all Novatech assets in Asia), also owning 7% of Novatech capital. Shortly after their marriage in 2033, they had a daughter, Caroline Tara Villiers, and seemingly kept a very good relationship, even occasionally dating each other. His closest friend and confidant is his security advisor, Miles Lanier. He is reportedly a Yankees fan, and owns a 2013 World Series ring.





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