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Ork Rigger (Shadowrun)

In the sixth world, riggers are people who use datajacks and in most cases a special type of cyberware - called the "rigger control" - to interface with vehicles and drones. Often they also use a remote control deck. The term "rigger" may also be applied to others using these machines.

Riggers who jack to a building security system in order to control the complete electronic building security are called spiders.

Riggers jump in to machines to control them with their mind. While jumped in they feel like they are the machine, using the vehicle or drone's sensors to replace their own. This allows the rigger to control the machine at Matrix speeds and with greater precision. The downside is if the machine takes damage the rigger will have to deal with dangerous levels of biofeedback. Likewise the rigger may have to engage in cybercombat with other hackers that are attempting to hijack their devices.

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