The Rinelle ke'Tesrae is the underground resistance movement in Tir Tairngire. Disillusioned by the rule of the Council of Princes and protesting the caste system and falling economic and social conditions, the Rinelle fight to undermine the authority and power of the nobility and status quo. Loosely translated from Sperethiel, Rinelle ke’Tesrae means “Rebels against the Spire” or “the Citadel’s Exiles.”

Operations[edit | edit source]

The Rinelle operates in cells like most underground movements, and have many sympathetic allies among the classless and homeless non-Elf populations as well as the main population. The cells are referred to as “ranelles” which translates to “coworkers” or “family.” Communication between cells is done over satellite linkup to the Matrix on a heavily-encrypted network known as the “Shay ke’Sallah,” or “forest of silence.”

The Rinelle focuses on direct action, and thus stages a variety of criminal and rebel activities, such as bombings, kidnappings, propaganda, and independent news broadcasts. Some Rinelle cells are outside of the country, trying to drum up support for their cause or smuggle news out of the country. No two cells are alike, and they are linked together by a common enemy, if not a common plan or purpose.

Factions[edit | edit source]

There are three main factions within the Rinelle network. The first faction opposes the Council of Princes only and seeks to overthrow them for a more representative government. The second faction opposes the entire caste system, seeking to overthrow the entirety of Tir society. This faction attracts many non-elven sympathizers. The third faction see themselves as the protectors of the Tir people’s “manifest destiny,” or “vereb’he,” and is mostly comprised of upper class nobles and well-to-do gentry. One minor faction, called the “Brat’mal” or “Black Sun,” seeks to “purify” the land of non-elves.

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