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The Roadgunner Brigade are an outlaw Motorcycle Club based in the Allied German States.

Membership: ~150

The Roadgunner Brigade biker gang is a racist one, that accepts only humans. It has nearly 150 members spread out in 5 chapters across eastern and southern Germany. It is known for drugs and weapons trafficking, and acts of violence against metahumans. The gang also contracts out as security and for transportation to the Gargari Organizatsi and the Yakuza, and receives financial support from various right-wing organizations.

Members (or former Members) of the Roadgunner Brigade form a large part of the Frankfurt Massaker Urban Brawl team.


  • Underwelten, 242-243 (German version of Vice by Pegasus Games)
  • Blut und Spiele, 159 (Blood and Games by Pegasus Games)

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