The Rose Crystal is a draconic memory gem, with information which is apparently significant to the immortal elves of the Elven Court of Wyrm Wood , and possibly to the Heavenherds of Thera as well.

The Rose Crystal holds a special importance for the dragonkin Children of Alamaise, and somehow the artifact ended up on the isle of Thera during the Earthdawn era. When the Second Theran War loomed, Mountainshadow utilized a band of adepts to recover the Rose Crystal from the Therans, sneak into the Blood Wood, and exchange it for the Everliving Flower. This trade of artifacts is part of an ancient ritual familiar to both the elders of Thera and the Elven Court (possibly a type of chal'han). Alachia was sufficiently enraged that she committed troops to the Second Theran War.

In 2057, Dunkelzahn's Will bequeathed the Rose Crystal to Aithne Oakforest, perhaps as an apology for the Blood Wood, or the actions of the Great Dragons. How Dunkelzahn came into possession of it is unknown.




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