Rowena Finnegan from Shadowrun Sourcebook, Mob War!

Rowena O'Malley is the Donna of the Irish Finnigan Mafia family and the Capa of Seattle. She succeeded her late father, James O'Malley, as boss of the Finnigans and became Capa after Maurice "Butcher" Bigio's death in 2070.

In fact, she personally killed the "Butcher" on a Seattle cemetery after accursing him frequently for the murder of her father. She takes great fortune from the pact her family struck with the Merlyns - Seattle's most successful Wiz Gang.

When she, her father and mother moved to Seattle, she was actually 15 years old. Later she studied jura at the Havard university and befriended Josephine Dzhugashvili. They even practised for a short time together as lawyers before Rowena joined her father's family business. Also on different sides of the law now, the two women stayed friends and respect each other.

By the 2070s, she runs all Mafia activity in Seattle. Rowena controls all three Mafia families in the Seattle sprawl, establishing the "O'Malley Syndicate". Her ruthlessness, managerial skills, and effective leadership led to the aforementioned result.[1]


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