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Ruhrmetall AG was created when the whole metal industry of the Ruhr area (except those companies that became part of Saeder-Krupp) united into one single corporation based in Essen, AGS.

Ruhrmetall produces all kinds of machinery and engine parts, nuclear power plants and off-shore drilling platforms and all kinds of weaponry (from pistols to battle tanks).

As competition in the heavy industry sector is fierce Ruhrmetall maintains a high level of security: The corporation has a standing army of about 5,000 men (including combat deckers and magicians) organized in highly mobile and well-trained units.
In addition, Ruhrmetall is a major MET 2000 shareholder (18%)1, as well as a shareholder of the Scandinavian Transoceanic Mining corporation (26%)2.
They occupy one of the seats in the ruling council of the Prometeus Foundation since the shockwaves of the scandal surrounding the Proteus corporation in 2063. 3
Last but not least they own their own Urban Brawl team - the "Ruhrmetall Leviathans". 4

Major Subsidiaries[]

Carl Walther GmbH
By taking over fellow arms manufacturer Mauser and re-introducing the Luger brand Walther has become Germany's #2 small arms producer (after Heckler & Koch). 1
Ruhrmetall Rail AG
RR builds anything that moves on rails including the majority of locomotives used in Europe.
Ruhrmetall Schiffstechnik 1
"Ruhrmetall Schiffstechnik" operates large fleets of freight ships - traditional as well as fully automated ones - and a small fleet of corvettes for protection of the freighters. It is also supposed to do some underwater mining and work on the construction of submarines. Chief of this subsidiary was Bernhard Van Loewen (in 2059). 2

Some Products[]

  • Pistols
    • Luger Model 58
    • Mauser Gladiator
    • Mauser Ladyline
    • Walther P-059 "Futura"
    • Walther Palm Pistol
    • Walther PB-120
    • Walther Nova II
    • Walther Secura & Secura Compact (official sidearms of German Bundeswehr and police)
  • Sniper Rifles
    • Walther MA-2100
  • Anti-Material Rifles
    • Mauser SEK 41
  • Machine Guns
    • Ruhrmetall SF20
  • Rocket Launchers
    • Ruhrmetall GPRL-Alpha
  • Exotic Guns
    • Walther-AGC Liquidator
    • Walther PPD
  • Vehicles
    • Ruhrmetall Behemoth (heavy vector-propulsion tank)
    • Ruhrmetall Orkan LK (combat hovercraft)
    • Ruhrmetall Wolf II (six-wheeled APC)
    • VW-Ruhrmetall Zerberus (armored reconnaissance vehicle based on VW's TT50 off-road transport)


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