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Russian Mafia (Russian Vory)

The Russian Mafia is organized crime which is ethnically Russian.

The Russian Mafia is made of syndicates who are all part of the underworld known as the Vory V Zakone, though NOT all of the Vory syndicates are Russian or dominated by Russians. They are involved in a wide variety of criminal activities from smuggling to weapons trafficking, prostitution to illegal gambling, protection rackets to weapons trafficking, and so on. Russian syndicates are currently operating in Russia, Southeast Asia, Central Asia, North America, and Europe.

NOTE: Bigotry within the Russians of the Vory V Zakone is widespread, including toward the other ethnic groups of the former Soviet Union and within Russia itself (e.g. Georgians, Tatars, Jews). Therefore it's natural that the Russians, Georgians, Armenians, and so on would have their own Vory.[1]

Known Russian Syndicates[]


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