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The Rusted Stilettos is a gang based in Seattle.

The Rusted Stilettos are a gang in the Glow City area of the Redmond Barrens. Composed of Orks and Trolls, the members are horrifically mutated and nigh-on psychotic from their exposure to radiation and heavy drugs.[1]

The strongest metahumans among the radiated inhabitants of Glow City are virtually forced into the gang. Organized crime, other gangs, and corporations avoid the Stilettos, making them the overlords of Glow City.[2]

Despite their violent tendencies, they can be considered a solid source of information on the local neighborhood. Members of the Rusted Stilettos can be easily identified by their shocking mutations, their overall insanity and their red jackets.[3]

The gang is into smuggling, BTL trafficking, and protection rackets. Because others want pursue them back into Glow City, raiding other communities is a profitable enterprise for them.[4] Members deal heavily in BTLs and successfully managed the transition from dealing chips to being involved in the direct download trade.[5]

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