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Ryan Mercury is the first born drake to awaken in the Sixth World. He is an adept and shadowrunner and has used the handle Quicksilver in the past.[1] Mercury was trained by the great dragon Dunkelzahn, to be used as a spy and assassin. The dragon entrusted him with the most delicate missions. As the leader of Assets Inc. (formerly D-Team) he is still working for Dunkelzahn's Draco Foundation.


Ryan Mercury was the recipient of the Dragonheart in Dunkelzahn's public will. This artifact, a four chambered model of a dragon heart, created from orichalcum, is one of great power, not normally able to be empowered by traditional magics until near the peak of the mana cycle. However, it is thought that Dunkelzahn's death was a colossal act of Blood Magic, used to empower the heart. Confidential instructions directed Mercury to deliver the Dragonheart to Thayla.

Mercury took over the leadership of Assets Inc., in 2057 after the mage died, a team member named McFaren. Assets Inc. is one of the Draco Foundation's preferred shadowrunning groups, and one of the most elite in the world.

Since the Year of the Comet, when more drakes started to awaken, Mercury has rescued or recruited them for the Draco Foundation. He has been training approximately thirty drakes at Lake Louise, many saved from the clutches of great dragons.[1]


Ryan Mercury had an intimate relationship with Nadja Daviar, sometimes referred to as her lover.


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