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The Sacred Mountains are mystically significant mountains in China.


The Five Sacred Mountains of China are located in the Chinese heartland and represent the center of a compass and its four cardinal directions. Each possesses a geomantic value of great importance and represent wuxing's five vital elements. These are mountains of mystical power and all of which are either controlled by the Great Dragon Lung or coveted by the dragon.[1]


In China, there are actually three different groups of Sacred Mountains and all of them have varying degrees of mystical significance in Chinese religious belief, mythology, and folklore. The "Five Sacred Mountains" are linked to Chinese folk religion, specifically the supreme god and five cosmic deities. Which are Mounts Heng (north), Tai, Hua, Song, and Heng (south).[1] Then there are the "Four Sacred Mountains of Buddhism" which are Mounts Wutai, Emei, Jiuhua, and Putuo.[2] Finally there are the "Four Sacred Mountains of Taoism" which are Mounts Qingcheng, Wudang, Longhu, and Qiyung. [3] In the Shadowrun universe, at least two of the sacred mountains have been mixed up.