The Sagan Zaba (White Rock) is a rebel group in Yakut.

The Sagan Zaba is a Siberian insurgency which emerged in 2063 when they seized control of the Yakut area around Lake Baykal. They have continued to control the northern half of Lake Baykal since then, while the Russians have controlled the southern half since their war with Yakut in the 2030s.

It is a rebellion against the tyranny of the great Siberian nature spirit Vernya. Who controls an army of shapeshifters (mostly bear and cat) that serves as its secret police, informants, and spies that infiltrate Siberian society and enforce its rule over Yakut.

The majority of Sagan Zaba's members are natives of Siberia (most of them descendants of Soviet gulags) and expatriates from Russia. It is the Evenks (distantly related to the Eskimos) whom are indigenous to the Lake Baykal region who are the driving force behind the rebellion. They hate both the Russians and shapeshifters with equal measure.

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