Sage is the leader of the Burning Angels gang in Los Angeles

Sage, a female Latino is a mystic adept whom runs the most powerful gang in Los Angeles, the Burning Angels. She has savage dark looks and wears skintight tank tops which show of her well-endowed assets, making her a favorite of Los Angeles' media.[1] Proudly displayed are the star on her right cheek and the massive scars on her right legs and arms, which show that she survived the Anasazi ritual and is now an honorary member of the tribe.[2]

It is because of Sage that it has become fashionable for Latino gangbangers to become members of the Anasazi tribe. She was among the first to go to the Anasazi in the Mojave Desert, and return sporting the 8-sided star on a cheek and massive scarification. Other gangbangers have made the same trek out into the desert and most of them died, but those that returned are highly regarded.[2]

She has complete control over the gang, but relies on a core group of lieutenants to help her whom are Chia, Fuego, Smoke Devil, and Brome. Fuego, her second in command sports flashy red cyber-modications and Brome is the strongest mage in the gang.[1]

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