Name: Saint-James Metatype Human Age >50?


Body | 3 Agility | 3 Reaction | 3 Strength | 3

Charisma | 5 Intuition | 5 Logic | 5 Willpower | 5

Special Stats:

Professional Rating | 4 Edge | 4 Essence | 5.8

Magic | 0 Resonance | 0

Initiative | 8 Passes | 1

Physical Damage Meter | 10 Stun Damage Meter | 11

Description An older gentleman, well aged with strong features, a large nose and thick glasses. Snow white hair is balding into a widow’s peak and his face is weathered, the lines around his cheeks and green eyes set deep, though the latter have a twinkle and shine of intelligence. His dress is conservative but extremely expensive, a timeless sense of style that comes with class. Nearly sing-song, his deep voice is surprisingly light and airy, almost playful and gives an ironic edge to his statements.

No one really knows how long Saint-James has been around or even really what he does, but his name comes up in conversation an awful lot. A British national of venerable age and stature, Saint-James is well placed in the Seattle hierarchy. As a man who knows far too much while at the same time actually doing very little on his own, he is widely considered too useful to have killed. A true student of the Old School, Saint-James is perhaps a bit of an anachronism in the glitz of downtown Seattle, but his classic aristocratic charm and deft political maneuvering has guaranteed himself a certain lifestyle.


Active Skills: Computer 2, Data Search 3, Perception 4, Etiquette 6 (+2 High Society), Pistols 2, Negotiation 6 (+2 Bargaining), Con 4 (+2 Fast Talk), Intimidation 3

Knowledge Skills: Corporate Politics 4, Finances 3, Japanese Politics 3, Triads 3, Yakuza 4, Mafia 4, Vory 2, Literature 5, History 5 (+2 Ancient), Seattle High Society 4, Underworld Connections 4, Fine Dining 4 (+2 Wine Selection)

Language Skills: English (N), Latin 6, Mandarin 3, Japanese 5 (+2 Read/Write), German 3 (+2 Speak), French 4 (+2 Speak)

Equipment: Saint-James lives a privileged life earned through years of networking. His situation is such that he hardly seems to recognize that money even exists. Consider his lifestyle and clothing to be of luxury quality.


(Name) (type) (Damage) (AP) (Mode or Reach) (Notes)

Hammerli 620s | LP | 4P | - | SA | 6c


Actioneer Business Clothes (5/3)

Cyberware Commlink (3/3)

GM Notes

Saint-James is a high class fixer in the Seattle shadows. With expensive tastes and a massive contact list, he very rarely has to pay for his own meals. His connection rating can be as high as is necessary, tailored to whatever level is appropriate for the characters. If the characters are not terribly well established or hooked up, his connection rating is low as he is simply too busy to spend his time helping network them. Loyalty can follow a similar sliding scale. Saint-James is a contact that has sufficient knowledge skills to function as a go-between and neutral agent with nearly any faction in Seattle and should not be the kind of contact that a player simply begins with. His control of information is Machiavellian and he is more than willing to let go of information if it means that he will save his skin. As a result he can shield himself from the generally brutish quality of the streets and remain in the rarified air of penthouse condo’s, private rooms in high class restaurants and rooftop villas. Simply put, direct violence with a connection back to him is very much beneath him.

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