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Sally Tsung

Sally Tsung is a Seattle Shadowrunner. She is a female human mage. Her initial team of runners consists of Dodger, Kham and Ghost Who Walks Inside, later Twist. She became involved with Twist's search for his sister and the resulting adventures. They were in a relationship for some time.

Sally was involved in a sexual relationship with Ghost before taking a fancy to Twist. She begins to guide him in the basics of his magical ability before they have a falling out.

She wears deer-leather duster. She has fine and regular features with green eyes hooded under languid lids. Sally wears feathers decorating the top of her knee-high boot. Besides, she wears weapon belts crossing her cut-off jeans, just above the crotch. Her eyes sparkled coldly behind a rigid, indifferent mask. Her slim fingers with glinting chromed nails.


  • Astral Scanner, closing her eyes and rocked her head back, turning it slowly from side to side.
  • Ball of energy, mystic energies crackled at Sally's fingertips. It leaps a white flash of the flame blowing it in two. She could ingite the fuel tank of vehicles like a bomb.

Equipment and weapons[]

  • The sculpted grip of her Remington Roomsweeper, snugged into the holster on her right hip, was barely visible in the shadows.
  • Her intrincately hilted magesword hung scabbarded on her left, nestled into a fold in her coat.
  • Motorbilke. She uses her red and silver custom-fitted Yamaha Rapier.


Sally Tsung is featured in the artwork for the cover of the Shadowrun core rulebook.



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