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Samuel (Sam) Verner (also known as Twist) is a Seattle shadowrunner, formerly in the employ of Renraku. He is associated with many known names in the shadows, including Dodger, Sally Tsung, and the AI Morgan. He was also an apprentice to Inazo Aneki during his time at Renraku, who was a father figure to him after his parents were killed. His primary motivation was finding his sister, who had Goblinized and been sent to Yomi Island (later he would find that she had turned into a Wendigo). He is known for his “code” of not taking another life, sticking with Narcoject and other non-lethal methods.

In his time in the shadows, Sam Verner found that he was Awakened, and a Dog shaman, which provided him with both great power, but also great amount of troubles. He unwittingly released several ancient spirits from a magical prison in the Australian outback. In the process of correcting his mistakes, he burns out his magical power. Still, it is evident that he continues to run the shadows despite this, as seen in a 2062 interview with reporter Abigail Danvers.

Under his alias Twist, he is invited to join Jackpoint by Winterhawk in 2079 to comment on his experience with combating a Spider totem.[1]




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