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Sam Watts was a shadowrunner and friends with "the Shadowrunner" [1] and Jake Armitage before or in 2054.


Watts was friends with the Shadowrunner [1] and also Jake Armitage. He went on many runs with the Shadowrunner [1]. One time they barely escaped once their ally backstabbed them, selling them out to Lone Star.[2]

After Sam died in 2054, a message was sent to the Shadowrunner [1], asking to find out who killed him and avenge him. This is the reason the following events happen [3].

After his death, when he was buried, Jessica Watts revealed her true intentions to the Shadowrunner.

In-game model

Once the Shadowrunner calls Sam's lawyer, Sam mentions his sister and explains a bit of his past, how no one ever cared or helped him, except his sister, who tried again and again but he never allowed her to do so. He asks the Shadowrunner to talk to her and say sorry, and that he loved her. When remembering that the Shadowrunner would probably want payment, he says that he owned nothing and tells him to ask his sister or his family, as he thought somewhere in his family someone was rich and could pay him.


Watts would often go to Seamstresses Union to drink, where there is mention of a time where Jake had to carry him out due to him being wasted of drinking. Jessica Watts, his sister, would neglect him due to his drinking habits and self-destructive behavior. His relation to Jessica made her change her view on the world and decide to join the Universal Brotherhood, eventually climbing ranks and becoming the Grandmother.

After the Shadowrunner calls his lawyer, Sam thanks him for caring, and mentions almost no one ever cared about him. He then says his sister tried to help him and did care about him, but he never let her, regretting that and telling the Shadowrunner to talk with her and to explain that he was sorry and that he loved her.


Strength 3 Quickness 4
Throwing Weapon 1 Ranged Combat 3
Pistol 1
Shotgun 2
Intelligence 3 Willpower 4
Charisma 3 Body 5


  • Armor: Refurb UCAS Shock Gear
Weapon Damage Range Capacity Description
Beretta Model 70 6 19 30 A small sub-machine gun with big damage potential.
Benelli Raffaello


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