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Samantha Villiers is the ex-wife of Richard Villiers and was vice president of Fuchi Northwest and subsequently Novatech Northwest. Though they divorced in late 2049, Samantha Villiers remains a loyal and cunning ally of Richard Villiers and often played a key role in the success of her ex-husband's corporate ventures. She is described as an attractive lady with a razor-sharp wit and one of Seattle's most eligible singles. She is also described as a ruthless shark who is every bit of an equal with such personalities as Damien Knight and her ex-husband.

She married Richard Villiers in 2033, after dating him for three months and a two month engagement. Together with Richard, she had one daughter, Caroline Tara Villiers, also in 2033. The daughter nearly killed Samantha Villiers in 2053 while under magical and simsense/BTL influence by Der Nachtmachen, a German policlub.

In January 2060, she sold her controlling interest of 2 percent of Fuchi stock to Korin Yamana, in return for a one-year truce between Fuchi and Novatech. She currently owns 7 percent of Novatech stock.

It is speculated in System Failure that she may contact Trans-Latvian Enterprises to sell her stock in exchange for capital to buy out Renraku, but it is unknown what came of this deal.

In 2076, she gives support to Miles Lanier, despite his condition, and helps him set offices in Albuquerque.

Between February and November 2077, Samantha Villiers, while running the NeoNET Seattle office dies - apparently from natural causes, but rumors in the shadows states it may have been a hit.