San Diego is a city located in the northwestern corner of Aztlan.

The city of San Diego is south of the Los Angeles sprawl. It was successfully invaded by Aztlan military after the creation of the California Free State. The Azzies kept the city, and it was absorbed into Aztlan territory. In 2070 its still an Aztlaner and Aztechnology stronghold just at the southern border of the Pueblo controlled former Free City of Los Angeles. 1

The city is a major intelligent-gathering center and military base for Aztlan. It functions as a naval servicing station and has access to a network of underground tunnels which connect to the Deep Lacuna thereby giving the Aztlaners access to parts of the PCC.[1]

Corporations[edit | edit source]

Biogene - a notorious genetech subsidiary of Yakashima Technologies is (or was) headquartered in San Diego.

References[edit | edit source]

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