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Satyrs (not to be confused with Wild Satyr) are a metavariant of Orks more common in the Mediterranean (particularly in Greece, where they are the dominant ork metatype[1]).

Measuring about 1.60 meters and weighing around 69 kg[2], satyrs have smaller builds than the regular orks, hairy lower bodies, goat-like legs with cloven hooves, small horns which sometimes curls, an elongated jaw, a slender nose, smaller lower tusks, and a greatly extended helix.[3]. They also have low-light vision.

Their longevity seems to be shorter than their primary subspecies[4].

Nearly all Satyr are magically talented and follow the totem Bacchus.[5]

This page was translated from Shadowhelix's Metamenschheit#Metamenschliche_Varianten page


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