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Scatterbrains from Shadowrun Sourcebook, Underworld.png

The Scatterbrains are a thrill gang based in the Seattle sprawl.

Membership: 50-60

The gang was formed by an insane schizophrenic Troll, named "Giggles". At last count has at least 60 different personalities. Most of the gang's members are mentally disturbed, therefore at any time they may do something "unpleasant". Though they are rarely violent, when they do it's absurdly so, even their murders. They all dress up as clowns to one degree or another. Members are constantly on a scavenger hunt, looking for items on Giggles's list which is ever changing and changes on a whim.

Scatterbrains are infamous for their large-scale publicly executed practical jokes, which is their specialty. The gang earns good money from counter-cultural groups and various policlubs who want them to disrupt an event or conduct a ridiculous public protest. They are also paid to be couriers and the Mafia sometimes pays them to act as a diversion when they pull off a bank heist.[1]


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