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Schwartzkopf is a Great Western Dragon. He pursues knowledge (especially magical) as other dragons are after wealth. He is a patron for the Magical group Benandanti XXV, and owns a huge magical library, held at the Universitas Carolina Pragensis (Charles University of Prague). His ongoing work is the Unified Magical Theory, synthesis of wiccan and shamanic traditions to be effective even without religion beliefs.

He is also professor of Sorcery at Universitas Carolina Pragensis giving his lectures at Clementinum, usually in his true form without any need of translator, but occasionally he is using a service of his translator or Voice Tatjana Romanov. He is also believed however unproved to be a major share-holder of Alchemix.


Type Great Western Dragon
Sex Male
Coloring Dark Green
Metahuman Form(s) Male Dwarf
Primary Lair Marienbad, (Prague)
Translator N/A

He was first seen in 2012 near the mountain of Schwartzkoppe in the Marienbad Council. There he took over the small town of Futh, ousting the former countess Alica von Futh, a witch and member of the Grand Great Coven of the AGS (which led to some bitterness). 2061, during the Year of the Comet, he had a violent dispute with the Orichalcum prospectors of the AGC. After the AGC troopers made a failed attempt to kill the dragon with an aerosol bomb in his lair, he struck a deal with the baltic corporation Eastern Star Pharmaceuticals. He ousted the AGC from the Marienbad Council, unified the splintered warring states of the Council and proclaimed himself "Protector of Marienbad". Two years later he was the leading power behind the secession of the Marienbad Council, which cut its bindings to the AGS and became part of the Czech Republic.

Relationship with Other Dragons[]

There is some rivalry with Masaru in the gathering of ancient tomes. Masaru's Alexandrian library is told to be about the same size as the one in Prague.