The Seal of Green Gloves is a small metal stamp with a green silk loop. Its from a set called the Seals of Tibet, which contains 4 other stamps; Red, Blue, Yellow, and White Gloves. The five match the symbolic colors of Tibetan Buddhism, but appear to be from a time that predates Buddhism's foundation.

Around the time of the Awakening, four of the five Seals were discovered in a hidden cache believed to have been owned by the 5th Dalai Lama, though they appear to predate his time.

Dunkelzahn bequeathed the Seal of Green Gloves to Inazo Aneki, CEO of Renraku, in 2057, perhaps anticipating his coming need for it. Renraku used the Seal shortly afterwards to commit Aneki, who had suffered a great mental trauma by Deus, to the care of the Tibetan monks for a time.

To Inazo Aneki of Renraku, I leave the Seal of the Green Gloves, which will permit you or your proxy to enter Tibet. Use your time there as you will, but do not abuse the privilege or you will suffer for your misdeeds.

In 2061, the death of the 15th Dalai Lama has caused the Tibetan monks to use the Seals to allow teams to pass through the Maya Cloud unhindered in search for the 16th Dalai Lama.

During Earthdawn, Mountainshadow loaned this artifact to Dvilgaynon so that she could study the Horror Cloud of Stormhead.

Power[edit | edit source]

The Seals of Tibet are a Rating 5 Spell Defense Focus. In addition, each seal acts as a protective bubble from the effects of the Maya Cloud, even without bonding or activation. A sphere 8 meters in diameter from the seal is unaffected by Cloud effects, either physical or magical.

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