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The Seattle Mob War (2071) was a three-way mob war in Seattle during the Tempo-Drug War.

The Seattle Mob War happened because of the Komun'go Ring which was undermining the drug trades and power of the Seattle Mafia and Yakuza with the tempo drug trade. Fighting on the streets soon began.[1]

The Komun'go Ring was later able to manipulate the Yakuza and the Seattle Mafia to also go to war with each other, though the two Seoulpa Rings were also involved in the fighting (Choson Ring participated reluctantly). High-ranking Yakuza officers were among the casualties.[2] Various street gangs were dragged into the conflict, as they were forced to choose sides.[3]

The Mafia ended up profiting from the mob war.. They regained territory lost to the Yakuza, put the Shotozumi-gumi on the defensive, and struck a deal with the Komun'go.[4]


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