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Seattle Sounders FC are a soccer team which is a member of Major League Soccer. The team originally formed in 1974 and are one of the most successful club teams in both MLS and globally. The team is owned under the umbrella of Allen Sports Ventures, who also own the Seattle Seahawks of the NFL. The current CEO is Peter Allen.

The Sounders have grown to become arguably the most successful team in MLS history, holding both the greatest number of both Supporters' Shield and MLS Cup trophies. They have not had the international success of teams like Toronto (winning CONCACAF Champions League 7 times, winning the Club World Cup twice) or Dallas (4 times and once respectively), having won the CONCACAF Champions league only one time, and have as yet to participate in the Club World Cup that qualified them for.

The Sounders have grown this success through a fairly unique approach of using a philosophy originally somewhat jokingly espoused by their supporters group of "Once a Sounder, Always a Sounder." Regularly bringing back players who had previously played for them, raising coaches from within the player ranks, and families (Particularly the Roldans, the Alonsos, the Lodeiros, the Dempseys, and Ostermanns) having multi-generational histories with the team, the Sounders have created more than a team, but rather a family, creating a level of buy-in and commitment from the players and coaching staffs from season to season no other club has been able to match.


Seattle Sounders FC was founded in 1974 as part of the NASL. This team folded in 1983, but was re-founded in 1994 in the then-USL. That team played until 2008, after which they were rolled into the early MLS as the league's second-ever expansion team.

In 2014 the Sounders won their first ever Supporters' Shield

In 2016 the Sounders won their first ever MLS Cup, defeating Toronto FC.

In 2017 the Sounders lost to Toronto FC in the MLS Cup finals.

In 2018 the Sounders lost to Saprissa of the Costa Rican league in the CONCACAF Champions' League final

In 2020 the Sounders won their second MLS Cup, defeating Supporters' Shield winning Atlanta SC. The Season ends with coach Brian Shmetzer announcing his retirement. Preki is named new head coach.

In April 2021 goblinization hits the world, and soccer players are no exception. Jordan Morris and Nouhou are both affected, and both turn into dwarfs. The loss of 2 key players without ready replacements sabatoges the Sounders' season. They qualify for the playoffs, but lose in the wild-card round. Nouhou announces his retirement from soccer after the season ends.

In 2022 Jordan Morris returns to camp ready to re-take his position of leadership with the team. He had spent the previous season working with coach Preki to mold his game from a speedy winger/striker into a target forward. The transformation appears to be successful. The Sounders are defeated in the conference finals by LA Galaxy.

In 2024 The Sounders defeat the New England Revolution for their 2nd MLS Cup.

In 2025 the Allen family purchases controlling shares of the Seattle Sounders from the Hannauer family. The Sounders are declared equal tenants at Centurylink field with the Seahawks, having equal say in facility management.

In 2027 Preki is released as coach, and replaced with former Sounder Brad Evans. The Sounders return to the playoffs, losing in the conference semifinals to the Portland Timbers.

In 2028 The Sounders defeat DC (DeeCee) United to win their 3rd MLS Cup.

In 2030 Centurylink field is renamed Paul Allen Stadium. This renaming is declared permanent, and the Allen family will no longer solicit naming sponsorship bids for the stadium. His sister Jody takes over as CEO of Allen Sports Ventures (previously First and Goal, inc.).

In 2032 Jody Allen retires and Duncan Allen is named CEO of Allen Sports Ventures. MLS shifts league schedule to match the autumn-to-spring format used by the rest of the world. The Sounders begin play in the second incarnation of Paul Allen Stadium. The Sounders defeat Toronto FC for their 4th MLS Cup.

In 2036 The Sounders begin a streak of 6 MLS Cup wins that has not yet been matched. They defeat the Philadelphia Union for their 5th MLS Cup.

In 2037 The Sounders defeat the Ottawa Arsenal for their 6th MLS Cup.

In 2038 The Sounders defeat the Philadelphia Union for their 7th MLS Cup.

In 2039 The Sounders defeat the new York Lightning for their 8th MLS Cup.

In 2040 The Sounders defeat the new York Lightning for their 9th MLS Cup.

In 2041 The Sounders finish their 6-year streak of MLS Cup victories, defeating Racing Club of Indianapolis for their 10th MLS Cup. Brad Evans retires, Holden Arena is hired as his replacement.

In 2050 Once-fan favorite and now-elf DeAndre Yedlin returns to MLS and the Sounders.

In 2053 The Sounders begin play in the 3rd incarnation of Paul Allen Stadium.

In 2070 Peter Allen is named CEO of Allen Sports Ventures.

In 2074 the Sounders begin their centennial celebration. The launch the season in the 4th incarnation of Paul Allen Stadium.

In 2075 The Sounders won their 18th Supporters' Shield and defeated Atlanta Thrashers SC for their 16th MLS Cup. Yedlin retires after the match.

In 2076 The Sounders reach the finals of the CONCACAF Champions League. Scheduled to face Aztlan's Club América. A week before the final, data emerges revealing the entire Club América team has been subjected to blood magic to gain advantage, illegal under CONCACAF and FIFA rules. Club América is disqualified, allowing Carribean League Los Cubanos to advance instead. The Sounders win to advance to the Club World Cup in 2077.


Seattle Sounders FC plays at Paul Allen Stadium, the 4th stadium to hold that name. The team originally played at Centurylink field, but the stadium was renamed in 2030 after the passing of Paul Allen, late co-founder of the Microdeck corporation.

The Sounders' facilities have seen regular upgrades, primarily instigated and fueled by a rivalry over attendance with Atlanta Thrashers SC. The current incarnation regularly holds 120000 people, but can be temporarily expanded to 125000.

The pitch was converted to grass from artificial turf in 2025. Both the Sounders and NFL's Seattle Seahawks play on the pitch, which is magically repaired after each match and maintained to account for the Seattle climate.



The Sounders have a long history of strong support from the local fanbase, and a long history of travelling well to away matches. With the Sounders' move to MLS, the Sounders fanbase organized under a new group - The Emerald City Supporters. ECS proceeded to drive supporter culture in North America, and combined with The Timbers Army, helped promote North American soccer, and elevate soccer in North America to a level to match the rest of the globe.

ECS, more than any other club fanbase in MLS, has in its history enjoyed a greater voice in team operations. From fan experience, to stadium operations, coordinating travel for fans to away matches, banner and tifo policy, pyro, etc., ECS has been vocal, loud, and influential. They have been, and continue to be, a major voice in Seattle, and abroad when they travel, for metahuman rights. In 2023, ECS, in combination with the then-Alliance Council, held a General Manager vote of confidence hostage until them team conceded to pen written policy surrounding equal access to metahuman fans as well as in recruiting and coaching. While the front office was very resistant initially, this policy has proven, in retrospect, to have been a huge boon to the team in support levels, and in team loyalty from the players and coaching staff.


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