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This is the list of past and present notable gangs of Seattle.

Name Type Size Active (known) Turf Colors Relations Members Sources
162s street small 70s Redmond Barrens red, brown Enemies: Disassemblers ghouls (organ leggers) la 40, rh 93
405 Hellhounds go-gang medium 50s, 60s, 70s Intercity 405 (Bellevue) red, orange Enemies: Leather Devils, Blood Mountain Boys humans ssb 64,156, ns 42, rh 90
Ancients go-gang / street large 50s, 60s, 70s Changes with time (officially they claim no real territory, preferring to attack rivals suddenly, and then disappear after a time); chapters in other cities black, green (leather jackets with chains, fingerless studded gloves, mohawks are common) Allies: Eastsiders, Tir Tairngire; Neutral: Cutters; Enemies: Meat Junkies, Emerald Dogs, Yakuza, Humanis Policlub elves ssb 156, ef, usb 102–103, rh 89, W&R, ns 106–107
Asphalt Devils go-gang small 50s Puyallup bd
Black Rains street small (gone by the 70s) 50s, 60s Puyallup black, gold orks ssb 156, ns 72, rh 99
Blood Brothers street small 70s Auburn purple, black blacks rh 92
Blood Mountain Boys go-gang small 50s, 60s, 70s Intercity 189 (Renton) red, brown (try to look like primitive barbarians) Enemies: 405 Hellhounds humans (mostly) ssb 93, ns 52, rh 90
Blood Rumblers go-gang small 50s Intercity 9 red, blue humans ssb 156
Bloody Screamers street small 50s, 60s Downtown gray, white Allies: Ork Underground; Enemies: Troll Killers orks, trolls ssb 156, ns 39
Brain Eaters thrill small 50s, 60s Redmond Barrens, Touristville white, black includes many deckers ssb 156, ns 66–67
Cereal Killers Matrix small late 60s, 70s Matrix black, blue rh 94
Chaos Brigade go-gang small 40s Intercity 520 defeated by Lake Acids c. 2050 ssb 64
Chulos middle 70s Puyallup Latinos rh 90
Crimson Crush street small (50s), med. (70s) 50s, 60s, 70s Redmond Barrens red, gold orks ssb 156, ns 66, rh 90
Cutters street large (pre-’54), small/med. (60s), large (70s) 50s, 60s, 70s Downtown (maninly, but occasionally anywhere); chapters in other cities gold, yellow Neutral: Ancients; Enemies: Tigers mixed ssb 156, usb 103–104, LW, ns 107, rh 89, vice 131–132
Desolation Angels small late 60s, 70s all over Seattle black, blue females; secretly run by Mantis spirits la 133–134, rh 94
Disassemblers street medium 50s, 60s, 70s Downtown (and occasionally south of it) blue, green Enemies: 162s orks, trolls (organ leggers) ssb 156, Sp, Hh, rh 90, ns 39
Eastsiders med./large 50s Allies: Ancients ef 4–6 (mentioned)
Emerald Dogs 50s Allies: Yakuza, Meat Junkies; Enemies: Ancients ef 5,65 (mentioned)
Eye-Fivers go-gang medium 50s Interstate 5 (central: near Downtown) blue, white humans ssb 156
Fetid Vikings small 50s Bellevue Enemies: Leopard Hearts ef 16 (mentioned)
Fircrist Surgeons thrill small 60s Tacoma ns 46
First Nation street medium 50s, 60s, 70s Downtown, docks (north of the Arcology and the Everett waterfront) Allies: Yakuza Amerind Sp, ns 39, rh 91, vice 138–139
Forever Tacoma street small 50s, 60s Puyallup red, orange orks, trolls ssb 156, ns 72
Halloweeners street medium 50s, 60s, 70s Downtown black, orange (flaming Jack O’Lantern logo) Enemies: Renraku mixed (pyromaniacs) ssb 156, src 125–126, ns 38–39, rh 91, vice 142
Kabuki Ronin thrill small 60s Everett white head tattoos Allies: Yakuza, Scatterbrains humans (mostly Japanese) ns 50
Lake Acids go-gang small 50s, 60s Intercity 9 (Bellvue) Enemies: Chaos Brigade ssb 64, ns 42
Lakewood Giants thrill gang small 60s Tacoma ns 46
Leopard Hearts small 50s Bellevue Enemies Fetid Vikings ef 16 (mentioned)
Leather Devils go-gang medium 50s, 60s, 70s Intercity 90 (Bellevue) red, black Allies: Mafia; Enemies: 405 Hellhounds humans (gay male) ssb 64,156, rh, ns 42, rh 92,
Meat Junkies street med./large Allies: Emerald Dogs; Enemies: Ancients humans, orks ef 7,9,16 (mentioned)
Merlyns Wizzergang small 50s, 60s, 70s Downtown Allies: Finnigan Family “oldest wizgang in Seattle” ns 107, vice 141–142
Milton Dark Angels thrill gang small Tacoma ns 46
Night Hunters street small 50s, 60s, 70s Renton silver, black (moon ripped by a claw logo) Allies: Humanis Policlub humans (use voice mod. tech. and claws) ssb 156, ItS, ns 52, src, rh 92
Night Prowlers paramilitary medium Tacoma, also parts of Puyallup? leopard-spots orks, trolls 2XS
Nova Rich street gang small 50s, 60s Bellevue yellow, navy blue humans ssb 156, ns 43
Princes street small 60s Puyallup (Tarislar) elves ns 72
Ragers thrill gang small 60s, 70s Tacoma orks ssb 74, ns 47, rh 92
Rat Eaters street gang small 50s Renton Allies: Yakuza ssb 94
Razor Heads thrill small 50s Puyallup prefer blades to guns ssb 82, usb 109–110
Red Hot Nukes street / go-gang small 50s, 60s Redmond Barrens red, gray (all wear baseball caps) Enemies: Rusted Stilettos, Spiders dwarves ssb 156, ns 67, src 129–130
Red Rovers go-gang medium 50s, 60s Interstate 5 (northern: Everett) red, steel orks ssb 82,156, ns 50
Reality Hackers Matrix small 50s, 60s, 70s Puyallup chrome, silver, gold human (mostly) ssb 156, ns 72, rh 94, vice 140
Rusted Stilettos medium 50s, 60s, 70s Redmond Barrens (Glow City) black, red (jackets) Enemies: Red Hot Nukes orks, trolls (obvious mutants welcome) ssb 156, ns 66, rh 92–93
Scatterbrains thrill small 60s, 70s Everett (warehouse district) dress like clowns usb 106, ns 50, rh 93
Silent Ps street 50s Puyallup white, gold elves ssb 156
Skraacha street medium 60s, 70s Ork Underground brown, gray Enemies: anti-metahuman gangs orks, trolls rh 91,96
Specters Wizgang small late 60s, 70s all over Seattle (astral plane) silver, green rh 94
Spiders medium 60s Redmond Barrens black, dark brown, red Enemies: Red Hot Nukes, Universal Brotherhood, non-Spider insect spirits founded by UB victoms ns 67, src 126–128
Spike Wheels (50s), The Spikes (60s+) go-gang medium 50s, 60s, 70s Interstate 5 (southern: Tacoma-Fort Lewis); chapters in other cities brown, gold Enemies: Ancients trolls ssb 156, src 128–129, ns 46, rh 92, vice 141
Tigers large 50s Allies: Eighty-Eights Triad Enemies: Ancients, Cutters Chinese ef 5,16, ItS, mw!
Trogs street medium 50s, 60s Ork Underground red, black Enemies: Night Hunters, Troll Killers, anti-metahuman gangs orks, trolls ssb 156, src 130, ns 39
Troll Killers street small/med. 50s, 60s, 70s Downtown red, green Allies: Human Nation; Enemies: Bloody Screamers, Trogs, trolls and orks (collect tusks as trophies) human ssb 156, ns 39, rh 93