Seed is a Korean terrorist group of Hackers founded by former members of Ex Pacis, Lilith and Eve.

Lilith and Eve are twin sisters, technomancers, and cut their teeth as members of M1919. They were recruited by Pax into Ex Pacis while she was pursuing some agenda in Korea. The twins' more impulsive tendencies railing against Pax's style of subtlety and playing the long game, and Pax's lack of total control over her agents during this period lead them to break away, taking a considerable amount of talent and financial assets with them, to form Seed. With Pax caring little for Ex Pacis beyond its usefulness as a tool for her own ambitions, Pax pragmatically allowed the split to occur, rather than wasting time or resources to keep her fracturing organization intact.

Seed has made a name for itself with goals as wide-ranging as AI rights, anti-corporatism, and a heavy anti-Japanacorp bias. Seed would likely have been labeled as a punk or neo-anarchist movements if it weren't for the success of their terror attacks, leading to a considerable body count.

Seed typically operates in cells of three to five hackers. Their MO is using social engineering to reveal system weaknesses, capitalizing on sex and guile to get the information they need on a given system, and then orchestrating a deadly malfunction or accident.

While the group has yet to perpetrate any damage notable on a national or global stage, their acts have been demonstrating a progression in scope. They are also noted to be popular among hacker radicals, and have a talent for draining bank accounts or profiting from the destruction they cause, making Seed self-sustainable with recruits and funding.

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