The Seer's Guild, often just The Guild, (fr. Guilde Internationale des Voyants et Médiums translates to International Guild of Diviners and Mediums), headquartered in Lyon, France, is led by the famous seer, and dwarf, Yohann de Kervelec. The organisation is quite secretive and their actual goals are not clearly known but they have been allies and advisers of the french government, and more especially its nobility since Yohann de Kervelec took it over in 2041.[1]

The French Diviners’ and Mediums’ Guild originally was a simple association for French seers and to promote the arts of divination. In 2041, a young and unknown Yohann de Kervelec transformed it into a powerful player among the French elite, but also expanded it worldwide and changed its name to reflect its international standing.

The members of the Guild are not all know, but some people are strongly suspected to be members, including Evêque Suger, who decided to build a wall to protect Clermont Ferrand, in Auvergne in 2060, and did save the city in 2062, when volcanoes in the region erupted again.[2]


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