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The Sendero Luminoso (Shining Path) is an insurgency based in Peru.


The Sendero Luminoso ( the Shining Path) is a Maoist guerrilla insurgency which is fighting to expel the Japanese from Peru and replace the government with a Maoist government. It is involved in the drugs trade as a source of funding.[1]



By the early 21st century, Shining Path (SP) was nearly defeated with its leader incarcerated. In 2011 the Awakening gave the SP an excuse to reemerge, as they blamed the government for the chaos affecting Peru. The SP went on to secure peasant support in the province of Ayacucho by converting or terrorizing the villages. When storming a village or small town it would hold a revolutionary tribunal against those who represent the national government. Once found guilty they are publicly executed, which happened in every trial. It operated a few smuggling operations and taxed the local Ghost Cartels who found it cheaper to pay off the SP than to wage war against the Maoist guerrillas. The SP also high-jacked and stole weapons from the national army and the private military forces.[2] For decades the SP were the only resistance movement in Peru.[3]


Prior to 2061, the Japanese Marines and Peruvian military had contained the SP. In the Year of the Comet, Japan was devastated by earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. The Imperial Marines were recalled home, and the SP quickly spread across Peru.

The SP now controls parts of Cuzco, Pasco, Junin, Apurimac, and Huanuco, and has established regional governing bodies throughout Peru. It's near-mythical savagery has resulted in a reputation that causes most opposition to retreat, permitting them to acquire and hold more territory than should be possible for the size of its militia.[4][3]

It has established a loose national organization, per their ideals of decentralized power. Though without a centralized organization, the SP is a bit unstable and slow to react to Ghost Cartel activities.[3] Peru's second largest city (Arequipa) is controlled by the SP.[5]