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The Seraphim is the name of the organization that runs corporate intelligence and internal affairs for Cross Applied Technologies. It is headquartered in L’Assomption, Quebec, and the chief executive director is Antoine Carsieur. The Seraphim are known for using Biblical imagery within their organization, and they are second only to Shiawase’s MIFD among corporate intelligence agencies.

The Seraphim perform a number of functions. Officially, they are a special consulting services division and are responsible for providing bodyguards for CATCo executives, conducting internal investigations, threat assessment, and other mundane operations typically assigned to elite internal security. Unofficially, they are CATCo’s elite force used to perform corporate espionage, black ops, information analysis, and counter intelligence. The surveillance technology used by Seraphim is rated as first class SOTA, as befits the tech-heavy CATCo. It is certain that CATCo’s meteoric rise to power is due to the Seraphim.

Because the Seraphim perform most of Cross’s black ops, they have very little need for shadowrunners. Effectively, some members of the Seraphim act as “shadowrunners on retainer.” It is rumored that they have standing teams in place in Seattle, Hong Kong, Frankfurt, Constantinople, and Vladivostok. Aspiring Seraphim members have to pass a variety of physical and mental (perhaps even magical) tests before they are accepted.

It is important to note that while the Seraphim are known for their Biblical imagery, often the Seraphim will use this fact to spread misinformation, and other intelligence organizations will sometimes use Biblical imagery to (falsely) implicate the Seraphim.


The Seraphim organize their operatives according to function and their assignments according to priority, as shown in the following tables:


  • H1—Affiliated external personnel (“concerned citizens”; shadowrunners)
  • H2—Administration
  • H3—Consultation and data analysis
  • H4—Security services
  • H5—Human and magical intelligence
  • H6—Operations
  • H7—Imagery and signals collection
  • H8—Research and development
  • H9—Strategic management
  • H10—Unknown (rumors range from H10 being Lucien Cross himself to agents that only report to Lucien Cross or Lucien Cross body doubles)


  • C1—Passive collection and observation (routine)
  • C2—Passive collection and observation (priority)
  • C3—Passive collection and observation (urgent)
  • C4—Covert action, non-destructive (routine)
  • C5—Covert action, non-destructive (priority)
  • C6—Covert action, non-destructive (urgent)
  • C7—Covert action, destructive (routine)
  • C8—Covert action, destructive (priority)
  • C9—Covert action, destructive (urgent)