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Critter Freshwater Serpent
Picture from Paranormal Animals of North America

The Freshwater Serpent (Pleuracanthus laci) is an aquatic lizard with a long tail and a long sinuous neck supporting a small, crested head, with four paddle-shaped flippers. It can grow up to the length of 18.0 meters. It resembles the appearance of certain sea-dwelling reptiles in the fossil record, along with unsubstantiated reports of "sea monsters" in the centuries prior to the Awakening.

The freshwater serpent is a slow-moving herbivore, feeding off the bottom of deep lakes. It is an air-breather, but can stay submerged up to 3 hours at a time. Studies indicate that freshwater serpents can live for more than a hundred years. The female lays a single egg every second year, with a less than 50 percent chance that the egg will hatch. Thus, the population remains low, but steady.

In 2046, researchers found a freshwater serpent in Scotland's Loch Ness. It is unknown whether this creature or its possible progenitor is the fabled "Loch Ness Monster". Similar sightings of other lake beasts, such as Ogopogo in former British Columbia, have also turned up. The relationship between freshwater serpents and their cousin, the saltwater serpent is unknown. The freshwater serpent is found in deep lakes all around the world.