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File:Critter Saltwater Serpent.jpg
Picture from Paranormal Animals of North America

Saltwater Serpents (Pleuracanthus oceani) are a larger, more streamlined version of its freshwater brethren, resembling certain sea-dwelling reptiles in the fossil record millions of years ago. It has a long tail and sinuous neck, with a small crested head and broad paddle-shaped flippers. It can grow up to 25.0 meters in length.

The saltwater serpent is an aggressive predator, feeding on fish and aquatic mammals. Larger versions have been known to attack whales and even sea drakes. Their reproductive cycle is highly prolific, with the female laying 20 eggs per year. However, young saltwater serpents are just as aggressive as adults and infant mortality among saltwater serpents reaches more than 90 percent due to hatchling serpents attacking other eggs and each other. The average lifespan of the saltwater serpent is 35 years.

Saltwater serpents are known to attack boats and swimmers, and thus are considered dangerous to many countries and corporations. The relationship between Saltwater Serpents and Freshwater Serpents is unknown. They are found around the world in temperate and subtropical oceans.