Seth Dietrich is a UCAS Special Agent of the FBI. He is known to be a golden boy and is beyond corruptible. After high school, Seth was recruited into the UCAS Army, and then into the Criminal Investigation Division for cybercrime.

Seth is known for his investigations on Governor Brackhaven and Operation Daybreak. Seth survived two aggressive attempts on his life from Brackhaven's Operatives. The second time, an entire team of Shadowrunners he hired were killed.

Seth is heavily augmented with high-grade headware and nano-ware to better perform his duties as a investigator. Unfortunately these cortical nanites systems were a perfect host for the CFD virus. His personality has been overwritten by other fragmented personalities (CFD), which include a Shadowrunner from the 2050s named Jake Armitage, an elven mage named Robert Lionel Bannickburn, and a undercover Lone Star narcotics detective named Xa Firebird.

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