ShadowSea (also known as Dark Emerald) is the Seattle datahaven and successor to Shadowland BBS, in that way competing with Jackpoint.

ShadowSea was established in 2065 by Seattle hackers, including FastJack, to replace Shadowland BBS, which was destroyed by Jormungand during the Crash 2.0.

Later, however, ppFastJack]] believed that the concept of a data port with fixed servers was outdated in the days of the wireless WiFi matrix and instead turned to a peer-to-peer network that only existed on the commlinks of its members, and would still be capable of running on a single comm if necessary ... - This naturally made his new project, known as Jackpoint a direct competitor of ShadowSea.

Since then, the spokesman for ShadowSea has been a decker Facet, who was known for his personal rivaly with FastJack. For a while Facet no longer willing to talk to FastJack on a civilized basis, even though the ShadowSea collective has taken over some things such as the user interface from Jackpoint, and also the in-house "Shadowsea currency" is based on a FastJack's code.

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