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The Shadowland BBS, until it was destroyed during the Crash 2.0, was the place where the shadow community went to discuss everything and anything related to the shadows. Who's frelling whom over, who's planning what projects, what's going on in the Sixth World and how runners can make money off of this. The discussions that took place on Shadowland were commonly referred to as Shadowtalk.

Shadowland was content driven and was meticulously maintained to keep discussions on-topic. Any connection that either that goes off-topic, advertises their services, or surpasses the megapulse ratio of 2.5/1 text/comment had their access rerouted to Shadowcell, an open forum.

»Open forum?! - That is of course one of the most blatant euphemisms I've ever heard: Being transfered to the Shadowcell meant nothing else as being arrested online, stopped from locking out yourself safely and being forced to waste your time until your release with things as unpleasant as binary maths!«
— Megawatt (07:22:32/06-2-62)

FastJack stated that the Shadowland BBS has been destroyed since the Crash 2.0. There is some evidence that some portion of the Shadowland BBS has survived as evidenced by FastJack's initial post introducing new runners to the Shadows. [1]

After Crash 2.0, two projects that trace their roots to the old Shadowland BBS are the Jackpoint p2p network and the competing, more traditional ShadowSea project.


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  1. FastJack's initial post introducing the 4th edition core rule book.


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