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A list of canon entities that appear as users (the so-called "Shadowtalkers") on the Shadowland BBS in a multitude of books:

  • The Big D - the Great Western Dragon Dunkelzahn
  • Captain Chaos - Shadowland's chief SysOp.
  • The Chromed Accountant - Resident corporate economist of the Seattle Shadowland
  • Dodger
  • Dragonslayer - Anti-dracoform conspiracy theorist, author of the "The Dragon Crime Lords" file published on shadowland [1]. He was killed by random street violence during the Tempo drug crisis in 2072. [2]
  • Errant Knight - Current or former Ares employee, expert on security protocols. Theorized to have possibly been Damien Knight, but this was never confirmed.
  • FastJack - Perhaps the world's best decker. The Man.
  • Findler-Man
  • Aegis, a male of unknown origin, with presumable ties to Tir Tairngire or elven nobility, due to his comments on the Tir Tairngire download. The Laughing Man (see below) is quoted as having said "And listen to Aegis; he knows what he reveals, and what he doesn't..."
  • The Gingerbread Man - A.k.a. the Man Who Cannot Die, Aztlan's Most Wanted, and the Scourge of the Caribbean [3]. Leader of the Caribbean pirates, the Gingerbread Gang. He has an elf girlfriend named Miss Muffet. He's credited for crashing the "Lone Star in the CAS" on Shadowland in 2054 [4]. The NBS network based the action trideo show Cyberpirates of the Caribbean on his exploits [5].
  • Grey Knight - A.k.a. Lieutenant Colonel Lloyd Ritter [6], Ares company man, currently in charge of Knight Errant battalions in Silicon Valley. Known for being a worldwide bug-hunter following Chicago and a raid in Istanbul.
  • Hatchetman - A human street samurai who can (or at least could) do some decking. Underwent cyberzombie surgery; his experiences are the basis of the in-character portion of Cybertechnology (sourcebook). In the 4th Edition Sourcebook "Arsenal" FastJack mentioned him as an "old friend".
  • KAM - A.k.a. Dr. Kristine Martin, former director of genetics research for Universal Omnitech
  • Kane - Rigger from the CAS. He has a girlfriend named Kat who was captured on a CAS black operation in Aztlan (src.8). Kane is wanted by the FBI (src.8), Amalgamated Petrochem (cp.32), and the Japanese forces in San Francisco (cp.83), among others, and openly boasts about his ranking in wanted lists about it in his signature. Stainless mentions that he has a reputation being crazy and a team killer, and that he typically hops from country to country finding expendable teams to work with. In addition to rescuing Kat, his goal is to start up a racing team (src.7). Kane owns a Saab (src.7), and finally gets his blimp (cp.128). Made number 9 in SIG's Most Wanted Criminals list in 2064 (sa64.150)
  • Knever the Knowbot - Shadowland 'bot, helping maintain traffic.
  • The Laughing Man - The immortal elf known as Harlequin
  • - The full Shadowland handle and e-mail address of the Great Dragon Masaru
  • Matador - A.k.a. Colonel Juan Samuel Pererya, well-known mercenary. Killed in action on the Salish Shidhe-Tsimshian border in 2062 (sa63.54)
  • The Neon Samurai - A.k.a. Stephen Mills-Fargo, son of Dr. Elliot Mills-Fargo, directed energy weapons researcher at Ares (ff.49). Has a long, outstanding grudge with Ares Macrotechnology and especially Nightfire, following his accusation of the murder of Neon Samurai's own father.
  • Nightfire - Ares America company man (ssc.22). Accuses the Neon Samurai of the murder of his father (ff.49). His e-mail address is NA/UCAS/MW/ARES-DET/42012093:NIGHTFIRE.DROP (ff.50)
  • Hangfire - veteran professional Shadowrunner and frequent poster to Shadowland
  • Orange Queen - The Great Dragon Hestaby
  • Script-Diver - The Great Dragon Celedyr. The name refers to his ability to magically tunnel or 'dive' through earth in the Fourth World, combined with his new interest in programming.
  • Ghost in the Machine - The Great dragon Ghostwalker
  • Loremaster - The dragon Nachtmeister
  • Salem - A Pomoryan elf intimately connected to the Houses, rumored to be the estranged daughter of Theobald Sarentin. Is especially informed of magical groups operating in the sixth world. 
  • Picador - Also called by the first name Carmen. Matador's second in command. (sa63.54-55)
  • The Smiling Bandit - The first Shadowland persona to be known to alter his timestamp and replace it with the phrase "Strikes-again/Ha-Ha-Ha" (st.105-106). Converses with surprising knowledge with KAM on genetics and biotechnology.
  • SPD - Former member of the Seattle Police Department. Typically critical of Lone Star.
  • Spes - An elf shadowrunner who knows much about Tir Tairngire and its political machinations
  • Stainless - "I'm way too verbose". According to his full name, his e-mail address is He gets into arguments with Death Angel and Tish Bite over martial arts and religion, respectively. Stainless gets kicked into Shadowcell after getting into a discussion on shadowrunner stereotypes (src.7).
  • Tish Bite - Vampire (cp.49)
  • Wordsmyth - The immortal elf Ehran the Scribe


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