35-55¥ (from Gunderson)
180¥ (from Julius Strouther)
180-190¥ (from Mortimer Reed)
In a courier run, you are sent to a destination to pick up a package and must deliver it to another destination.

This is perhaps the easiest run in the game. Unlike bodyguard runs, where you have to protect a client, courier runs only require that you safely get from Point A to Point B. Of course, if you die, you still lose the package and fail the run. Still, this doesn't happen often, except a few times at the very beginning of the game when you're trying to scrape together the 250¥.

Like other low-paying runs, don't take them from Reed or Strouther unless you have the Ork Armband, or else you'll give away half your profit in cab fare each time you make a run.

Gunderson's courier runs, like his bodyguard runs, can be a decent way of beefing up your Karma pretty quickly, especially if you don't have the resources to tackle advanced corp runs. For more info, refer back to the second paragraph in the Notes subsection of the entry for bodyguard runs.


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